About Us

Convergence labs is a pioneer in Telecom and Wireless Domain Research and Development. Our sustained efforts in delivering innovation practices has helped us in creating a unique distinction in the world map of Telecom Industry today. Our Solutions are focused on creating value for customers and partners in the Wireless, Wireline, Private Networks and Networking sectors.

Our efforts in creating a secure and safer communication solutions has earned a distinguishing recognition for our services in the niche domain of telecom and wireless. Be it building a mission critical application, building a secure data center, providing a secure communication line solution or testing next generation mobile technologies, convergence Labs has made a mark for its role in delivering solutions worldwide.

Our versatile knowledge in various vertical domains has positioned us as an integrated partner for our valuable vendors where we consult right from their manpower requirements to technology prototyping. Our specialized expertise in security solutions have helped us in building secure communication networks for our clients. We aim to be a mobile service innovator by pioneering digital solutions. Aside from being an industry shaper, Convergence Labs is consistently one of the most innovative companies in the Asian subcontinent. We are recognized in both local and international markets for our outstanding corporate governance practices.

Being a leading provider of telecommunications and technology services, operating fixed-line, mobile, internet and related business through innovation in emerging markets, our extensive range of services meets the requirements of individuals, small to medium-sized business, and corporations and enterprises alike.

Our flexible and dynamic business model keeps us at the forefront of telecoms innovation. And by listening to customers, we ensure that our solutions are constantly evolving to meet their needs.

We are developing innovative solutions to mobile operators and enterprises to enhance and extend their wireless communications networks. It provides expert commentary and authoritative analysis, incorporating both fixed and mobile communications services and focus on understanding today's business models in integrated telecom market space.

Through the Convergence Labs Foundation, we promote a vision of innovation and technology as social enablers, supporting projects in the fields of digital education and rural empowerment. As a result of the company’s social and environmental commitment, we have been working towards developing Sustainable environment development.